Wacky gauges? Intermittent starting problems?

corroded battery terminalsHaving problems with the gauges on the dash intermittently fluctuating for no reason, warning lights going on and off, or no start issues at times? You may have a battery or alternator problem. Modern vehicles demand a lot from a battery, when sitting in traffic at idle the alternator can not charge the battery, so all of those accessories (heat/AC, radio, phone charger, etc) are relying on the battery until the vehicle starts moving again. For that reason batteries may not last as long as they did in older vehicles even with modern battery technology. If the battery is not working properly it can over time cause the alternator to fail, costing you more of your hard earned dollars. If you have any questions, give us a call or come by. We can accurately test your battery and charging system to find out what may be wrong.



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