Never expected such honesty and integrity from a car repair service

I know this post is a tardy one but it’s worth saying….A few years ago ‘I Fix Fords’ worked on a ’96 Explorer of mine. It had transmission problems…bad. The problems reoccured 3-4 times. Each time they gave me no worries by getting to work on the truck promptly. I never once had an opportunity to be conflictive or disgruntled with them. They were always on top of the game. Even though, in the end we had to junk the Explorer, the issue boggled them as much as it did me and could not be resolved. It was just one of those things that couldn’t be fixed with such an old vehicle. Anyway, they initiated a full refund on all their work! I never asked for it nor expected such honesty and integrity from a car repair service. As for me and from my experience with I Fix Fords, any customer out there should have no worries or doubts when it comes to a company as this that will back up their efforts. I promised them that I would be a returning customer for any such problems, regardless. Glad that I was in such honest hands at the time when others would have left me out in the cold. Blessings!

Randy Mocaby via Facebook

April 15, 2013